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Financial Advice & Aid with Project 31:25

Thinking about the legal side of domestic violence can seem daunting at times, even though usually it is needed. Protecting yourself and any children is absolutely key! This does not only include physical protection. Many women need financial protection as well. Legal aid assistance for Order of Protections, Child Support, Spousal Support, Custody, Divorce and Immigration will all be available to you at an affordable cost. This unfortunately is one of the last things women focus on, but it is absolutely necessary to handle the legal side in the correct manner to avoid future downfalls. We will help you determine which of these services will be necessary for you.

Legal Advice & Financial Aid

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We are here to help you and ensure your confidentiality at all phases of ending the abuse and creating a free and powerful life for yourself and/or your children.

Financial Services

Economic abuse is when abusers employ isolating tactics such as preventing his partner from working or accessing a bank, credit card or transportation.The lack of financial knowledge and resources is another reason why victims of domestic violence return to or remain in relationships with their abusers. We are here to provide you with targeted tools and strategies to address financial struggles and plan for safe, secure futures. This will also include employment help such as resume building and career planning. Gaining financial security will give you the confidence needed to have a safe future.

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