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The process of leaving an abusive relationship takes tremendous support and does not happen overnight.

At Project 31:25, we offer every service a client needs to be empowered to leave and equip them with the tools they need to make a life of their own, while healing through the emotional trauma. We believe this is most effective when we walk alongside our clients every step of the way.

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Counseling & Trauma Healing with Project 31:25

Counseling & Trauma Healing

Project 31:25 has counselors specifically trained in handling domestic violence.

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Educational Resources with Project 31:25

Educational Programs

The strongest defense against domestic violence is education and knowledge.

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Project 31:25 Finacial Assistance & Aid Resources

Legal Advice & Financial Aid

The legal & financial side of domestic violence can seem daunting at times.

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Family & Children Resources at Project 31:25

Children & Family Support

We have resources for kids who witness violence between family members.

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31:25 Group Support

Project 31:25 Groups

Project 31:25 is devoted to reassuring you that you are not alone in your situation!

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