Project 31:25’s mission is to promote long term healing and success for families journeying out of abusive situations.  Our primary focus is on providing appropriate tools and resources that encourage self-sustainability and end the cycle of abuse.


Proverbs 31:25 – She is clothed in Strength and Dignity, and She laughs without Fear of the Future

Project 31:25 is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support for families journeying out of abusive situations. Our programs center around empowering families to develop a safe & stable life for themselves, as well as providing the resources necessary to navigate their challenges and thrive in our community long term. Areas of support & resource referrals are: legal aid, housing support, trauma therapy, all around life coaching and children’s services. The initial costs of necessary resources are also provided by Project 31:25. We do not distribute direct monetary support to families.

To date we have supported 150 families with 87% of them living abuse free, self-sustaining lives.

It’s our mission to help you learn about domestic abuse, transition out of abusive relationships, or volunteer to help end these destructive relationships.

Kristin Watts

Kristin Watts is the Founder of Project 31:25. After escaping an abusive relationship herself, she had the desire to give back to so many women still bound by the chains of abuse. She has lived in Fort Collins her entire life and understands how desperately her town and the surrounding areas need a program like this.

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Meet Our Awesome Board of Directors

Project 31:25 is supported by four members on their Board of Directors, who meet monthly to discuss the progress, goals and strategic plan of our organization.
Kimberly Ruiz

Kimberly Ruiz

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Hello, my name is Kimberly. I joined this Non-Profit in hopes of ending the cycle of abuse for as many people as I can. I love the fact that Project 31:25 was founded and is made up of survivors. I too am a survivor of Domestic Violence and I know how much it meant and helped, to have had women that have been in my situation help me get out and end my own cycle of abuse. I met Kristin at the beginning of 2016. I had just gotten out and we were both in the right place at the right time and we clicked. Our scars matched. We both had a vision and an idea of what we wanted for women like us and what it truly means to be a survivor. Three years later, with hard work, perseverance, dedication, and education, I am proud member of the Board of Directors and Community Connections Coordinator for Project 31:25. I am a mother, a mentor, Owner and Operator of my own businesses, and I am currently working on my Master’s in Psychology to be an LPC specializing in Domestic Violence for women and families.

Mike Verde Project-3125 Board Member

Mike Verde

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Mike got involved with Project 31:25 through his niece Kristin. “I am amazed at her perseverance, caring and determination to make a difference in people’s lives and I am excited to be a part of this organization.”Mike moved to Colorado from his hometown of Baltimore and started Lawn Doctor of Fort Collins in 1983. Mike has been married to Laurie for 32 years and they have three grown children, a Pug and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Mike enjoys travel, hiking and spending time with his family.

Lisa Christopherson

Lisa Christopherson

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Rick and Lisa Christopherson have over 20 years experience in the non-profit sector.  They have been involved since the beginning of Project 31:25 and serve in an advisory capacity to this day.


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